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Jan 20, 2017

Dept of Justice comes down hard on the Chicago PD, Chinese hack US law firms, Obama fails to pardon Blagojevich, El Chapo extradited, Paul McCartney v Sony and more

Rich and Jason welcome Jeffrey Cramer, Berkeley Research Group Managing Director, to discuss the Department of Justice finding on the Chicago Police Department. Cyber-security expert John Reed Stark discusses charges by the federal government against three Chinese citizens for hacking into American law firms’ computers to gain inside information about […]

Jan 9, 2017

Sheriff David Clarke on Facebook hate crimes, WTTW’s Amanda Vinicky on new Illinois laws you need to know, Trump is deposed, Suing Apple and Run DMC

Rich and Jason are joined by Fox News contributor & Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to discuss the Facebook torture video and what is says about Chicago crime & policing. Next, Chicago Tonight’s Amanda Vinicky joins Rich and Jason to discuss new Illinois laws involving synthetic drugs, domestic abuse and […]

Dec 15, 2016

ISBA President On The Future For Illinois Lawyers, Gender-Based Violence, Dylann Roof Closing Arguments, A 104-Year Old Lawyer And More!

Illinois State Bar Association President Vincent Cornelius discusses challenges for new lawyers and the landscape for the Illinois legal community in 2017. Clio CEO Jack Newton joins Rich and Jason to share a new study showing that attorneys are only billing a fraction of their time. Rich and Jason are […]

Nov 30, 2016

Legal Marijuana Under Trump, High School Football Lawsuit, Obama’s Overtime Rule, Celebrity Chef Going To Jail And More!

Rich and Jason discuss whether the courthouse is the proper forum for a high school football dispute with IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson. Arcview Group CEO Troy Dayton then discusses the outlook for legal marijuana in a Trump administration. LFO’s labor and employment correspondent Maital Savin discusses breaking news involving […]

Nov 18, 2016

How President Trump Will Reshape The Supreme Court, “Forgotten Baby Syndrome”, Brendan Dassey, Tracy Morgan, Madonna And More!

Rich and Jason bring back their SCOTUS panel to discuss how President Donald Trump will reshape the Supreme Court with Professor Ronald Rotunda, Professor Lucas A. Powe Jr. and former U.S. Supreme Court Clerk Andy DeVooght. Rich and Jason then welcome Professor David Diamond of University of South Florida to […]

Nov 4, 2016

Cosby, Law Firm Diversity, Chicago Fire Dept Gender Discrimination, Cleveland Indians Connection To Chicago Legal Community And More!

Rich and Jason are joined by Chicago Alderman Leslie Hairston to discuss lack of diversity in law firms. Next, Rich and Jason welcome Jessica Jackson Sloan, national director and co-founder of #cut50, to discuss reducing the American prison population. Rich and Jason are also joined by attorneys Marni Willenson and […]

Oct 19, 2016

Gloria Allred On Trump Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Dennis Hastert Victim Lawsuit, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Colin Kaepernick & More!

Rich and Jason are joined by famed attorney Gloria Allred to discuss Donald Trump’s alleged misconduct. Next, Rich and Jason welcome attorney Kristi Browne to discuss her lawsuit to force former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert to pay the balance of his hush-money contract to one of his sexual abuse […]

Oct 9, 2016

Erwin Chemerinsky On The Presidential Election And SCOTUS, The 9/11 Victims Bill, Sandra Bland, Hurricane Matthew, Derrick Rose, Chicago Cubs Playoffs And Much More!

Rich and Jason welcome UC Irvine School of Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky to discuss the impact of the presidential election on the Supreme Court. Next, Terry Strada discusses the 9/11 victims lawsuit and Cannon Lambert discusses Sandra Bland family’s wrongful death lawsuit settlement. Finally, in the Legal Grab Bag, Rich […]

Sep 23, 2016

Alderman Brian Hopkins On Hiring Additional Police, Chicago’s War On Food Trucks, “Fight For Fifteen,” JonBenet, Trump Charity, Brangelina, Jim Carrey Wrongful Death Suit

Rich and Jason welcome author and food lawyer Professor Baylen Linnekin and Illinois Policy Institute writer Austin Berg to discuss Chicago’s war on food trucks. Next, Chicago Alderman Brian Hopkins joins us to explain why off-duty police officers should be required to wear their uniforms. Northern Illinois University College of […]

Sep 12, 2016

Alan Dershowitz On Trump v Hillary, Supreme Court Diversity, Online Court Access, Fox News Lawsuits And Much More

Rich and Jason welcome back former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz to discuss the presidential election and his new book: Electile Dysfunction: A Guide for Unaroused Voters.   Next, former U.S. Supreme Court Clerk Andy DeVooght joins us to discuss Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s comments regarding the lack of diversity in […]

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